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Veterinary Student simulation kits

Veterinary Student simulation kits


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Product Description

Veterinary Student simulation kits:

  • Dissecting Scissors, 4.5″
  • Dissecting Scissors, 4″
  • Dressing forceps, 5.5″
  • Micro dressing forceps, 4″
  • #4 Knife handle
  • Straight teasing needle
  • Angled teasing needle
  • 2x #22 Surgical blade
  • Canvas roll-up

Student simulation kits, a comprehensive set of Professional Student kits essentials instruments designed specifically for students in the field of veterinary medicine. This Student simulation kit equips aspiring veterinarians with high-quality tools necessary for various procedures and examinations. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these instruments are made from premium-grade materials to ensure reliable performance.

The Student simulation kits includes the following instruments:

Dissecting Scissors, 4.5″:

These scissors are specifically designed for precise cutting and dissection of tissues and materials during veterinary procedures. With their sharp blades and comfortable grip, they provide excellent control and maneuverability.

Dissecting Scissors, 4″:

These smaller scissors are perfect for more delicate dissection work, allowing for intricate and precise cutting in confined spaces.

Dressing forceps, 5.5″:

The dressing forceps are versatile instruments used for grasping and holding tissues, sutures, or other materials during examinations or minor procedures. They provide a secure grip and precise control.

Micro dressing forceps, 4″:

These micro forceps are designed for delicate procedures that require precision handling, such as removing small foreign objects or manipulating delicate tissues.

#4 Knife handle:

The #4 knife handle is compatible with various surgical blades and provides a secure grip, allowing for controlled and accurate incisions during veterinary procedures.

Straight teasing needle:

This straight needle is used for teasing and manipulation of tissues during examinations or dissections. It enables detailed exploration and precise handling of anatomical structures.

Angled teasing needle:

The angled teasing needle provides enhanced accessibility and maneuverability during examinations and dissections, particularly in hard-to-reach areas or tight spaces.

2x #22 Surgical blade:

The Student simulation kit includes two sterile #22 surgical blades, which can be securely attach to the knife handle for precise and controlled incisions during veterinary procedures.

Canvas roll-up:

The kit comes with a convenient canvas roll-up for easy storage and transport of the instruments. The roll-up keeps your instruments organized and protected, allowing for quick and efficient access whenever needed.

The Student simulation kits is an essential companion for veterinary students, providing them with the necessary tools to develop their skills and knowledge in animal care. Each instrument in the Student simulation kit is carefully select to meet the specific needs of veterinary procedures and examinations. Invest in this comprehensive kit today and equip yourself with the Student kit essentials tools for your veterinary education and future practice.