Collection: Diathermy ESU Cautery Electrosurgical Pencil

Discover our range of precision cautery solutions designed for intricate surgical procedures. Our electrosurgical pencils ensure minimal tissue damage, offering precise control and superior outcomes. Ideal for both general and specialized surgeries, these tools are essential for any medical professional aiming for excellence in patient care.

Disposable Diathermy ESU Cautery Electrosurgical Pencil with Blade

The Diathermy ESU Cautery Electrosurgical Pencil with Blade is a precision surgical instrument designed for effective cutting and coagulation. It features a 3-meter cable, dual power buttons, and a 3-pin plug for broad compatibility with electrosurgical units. The ergonomic, single-use design ensures comfort, reduces hand fatigue, and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. Sterilized with Ethylene Oxide (EO), it guarantees sterility and safety. This lightweight, ready-to-use pencil offers reliable performance for various surgical procedures.

Innovative Cautery Technology:

Stay at the forefront of medical innovation with our cutting-edge cautery technology. Our Cautery electrosurgical pencils are equipped with the latest advancements, ensuring precise and efficient tissue coagulation and cutting. Designed for modern surgical practices, these instruments support a wide range of procedures with exceptional reliability.