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Reusable Bipolar Cable Forceps Silicon Cord 3 Metres Length - 4mm Standard Plug

Reusable Bipolar Cable Forceps Silicon Cord 3 Metres Length - 4mm Standard Plug


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Product Description

Experience unparalleled precision and reliability with Stellmacher Instruments Inc’s Bipolar Cable Forceps Silicon Cord. Designed to meet the highest standards of medical instrumentation, this reusable 3-meter cord is an essential tool for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of surgical procedures.

Bipolar Cable Forceps Key Features:

Durable Silicon Construction
Crafted from high-quality silicon, this cord ensures long-lasting durability. It maintains its integrity even after multiple uses, providing a reliable connection every time.

Optimal Length for Flexibility
With a generous length of 3 meters, our silicon cord offers ample flexibility and reach. This optimal length allows for greater maneuverability during complex surgical procedures, enhancing surgical precision.

Bipolar Compatibility
Designed to seamlessly integrate with bipolar cable forceps, this cord ensures a secure and efficient electrical connection. This compatibility enhances the precision of your surgical instruments, providing consistent performance in every procedure.

Safe and Reliable Performance
Engineered to meet stringent safety standards, our cord delivers consistent and reliable performance. This reliability is critical for maintaining the high standards required in medical procedures, ensuring patient safety and successful outcomes.

Reusable Design for Sustainability
Built for sustainability, this cord is fully reusable. It reduces both waste and cost in the long term, while maintaining top-tier performance. This makes it a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice for medical professionals.

Bipolar Cable Benefits:

  • Exceptional Durability: High-quality silicon construction ensures longevity and consistent performance.
  • Enhanced Maneuverability: 3-meter length provides flexibility and reach for intricate surgical procedures.
  • Secure Connection: Bipolar cable forceps compatibility ensures efficient and precise electrical connections.
  • Consistent Reliability: Meets stringent safety standards for dependable performance in medical procedures.
  • Cost-Effective: Reusable design reduces waste and long-term costs, supporting sustainable medical practices.


The Bipolar cable Forceps Silicon Cord is designed for a wide range of surgical procedures, particularly those requiring precision and reliability. Its compatibility with bipolar forceps makes it an invaluable tool for various medical specialties, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of surgical operations.


Elevate your surgical precision and reliability with Stellmacher Instruments Inc’s Bipolar cable  Forceps Silicon Cord. With its durable construction, optimal length, and reusable design, this cord is the perfect addition to any surgical toolkit, ensuring top-tier performance in every procedure.