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Student anatomy kits High quality student kits

Student anatomy kits High quality student kits


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Product Description

High Quality Student anatomy kits:

Looking for student anatomy kits Look no further! Our High quality student kits are designed to provide hands-on learning experiences for aspiring medical professionals.

  • 2 Teaser Needles, Straight
  • Teaser Needles, Angled * 2
  • Iris Scissors, 11.5 cm * 1
  • Scalpel Handle #3 * 1
  • Adson Micro Forceps, 12 cm * 1
  • Dropper * 1
  • Micro Dissection Forceps, 12 cm, Straight * 1
  • Micro Dissection Forceps, 12 cm, Curved * 1
  • Entomology Forceps, 10 cm * 1
  • Tweezer with Magnifying Mirror * 1
  • Stainless Steel Ruler, 6″ * 1
  • 10 Blades #1
  • 1Instrument Storage Portfolio

Student anatomy kits, a comprehensive set of High quality student kits specifically designed to support students in the fascinating field of, This Student anatomy kits provides essential tools needed for insect collection, observation, and dissection. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these instruments are made from premium-grade stainless steel to ensure long-lasting performance.

The High quality student kits includes the following instruments:

2 Teaser Needles, Straight:

These straight needles are perfect for delicate teasing and manipulation of insect specimens during mounting or dissection.

2 Teaser Needles, Angled:

The angled teaser needles allow for precise handling and positioning of insect specimens, providing better access to intricate body parts.

1 Iris Scissors, 11.5 cm:

The Student anatomy kits iris scissors with their sharp and slender blades are specifically designed for precise cutting of delicate insect specimens.

1 Scalpel Handle #3:

The scalpel handle #3 is compatible with various blade sizes and provides a secure grip, allowing for controlled and accurate incisions during dissection.

1 Adson Micro Forceps, 12 cm:

These High quality student kits fine micro forceps are ideal for grasping, and manipulating small insect parts with precision and ease.

1 Dropper:

The dropper enables controlled and accurate placement of liquids such as preservatives or mounting solutions when handling insect specimens.

1 Micro Dissection Forceps, 12 cm, Straight:

These Student anatomy kits straight micro forceps are designed for delicate manipulation and dissection of insect specimens.

1 Micro Dissection Forceps, 12 cm, Curved:

The curved micro forceps provide enhanced accessibility, and manipulation capabilities during insect dissection.

1 Entomology Forceps, 10 cm:

The entomology forceps are specially designed for securely holding, Which manipulating insects during collection or examination.

1 Tweezers with Magnifying Mirror:

This tweezers features a built-in magnifying mirror, allowing for detailed inspection and precise handling of small insect specimens.

1 Stainless Steel Ruler, 6″:

The stainless steel ruler provides accurate measurements for documenting the size and dimensions of insect specimens.

10 Blades #10:

The Student anatomy kits includes ten sharp and sterile #10 blades, ensuring a reliable cutting edge for precise dissection and mounting.

1 Instrument Storage Portfolio:

The High quality student kits comes with a convenient storage portfolio to keep your instruments organized and protected, allowing for easy transport and storage.

The Student anatomy kits is a must-have for budding entomologists and students interested in the intricate world of insects. so, Each instrument in the Student anatomy kits is carefully selected to provide students with the essential tools needed for collecting, observing, and dissecting insect specimens. Invest in this comprehensive High quality student kits today and embark on a journey of discovery and exploration in the captivating field of entomology.