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Single Use Intubation Stylet – 25 Pcs Pack

Single Use Intubation Stylet – 25 Pcs Pack


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Product Description

 Use Single use intubation stylet Sterile:-

  • Load the endotracheal tube onto the Single use intubation stylet, ensure that the distal end of the stylet doesn't extend beyond the distal end of the ET Tube.
  • Position the ET tube at the opening of the vocal cords. Don’t advance the stylet past the vocal cords.
  • When the ET tube is engaged in the glottic openings, extract the stylet 5 cm by use of the thumb pushing up on the thumb tab of the stylet. The partial removal of the stylet from the ET tube softens the tip, allowing the tube to pass through the vocal cords.
  • Position the ET tube as per standard practice.
  • Remove the stylet from ET tube.

Overall Length: 360mm (14.17″)

Working Length: 266mm (10.47″)

Ball Size: 5mm
Box contains 25 pcs

Single use intubation stylet Sterile has a plastic composite handle :

Sterile Intubation Stylet is a disposable medical device used during endotracheal intubation procedures. It is designed to assist in the placement of an endotracheal tube into a patient’s airway.

An intubation stylet rigid is a flexible, wire-like device that can be inserted into an endotracheal tube to give it shape and rigidity. It helps guide the tube through the vocal cords and into the trachea, ensuring proper placement and minimizing trauma to the patient’s airway.

 Single use intubation stylet Rigid offers several advantages:

  1. Infection control: By using a single use intubation stylet rigid the risk of cross-contamination and healthcare-associated infections is significantly reduced. After a single procedure, the stylet is discarded, eliminating the need for cleaning and sterilization.
  2. Convenience and time-saving: Single use intubation stylet rigid are supplied in sterile packaging and are ready for immediate use. This eliminates the need for cleaning, sterilization, and assembly, saving time for healthcare providers.
  3. Consistency and reliability: Reusable stylets may deteriorate over time or become bent, affecting their performance. Single use intubation stylet provide consistent quality and reliability with each use.
  4. Reduced maintenance and cost: intubation stylet sterile require cleaning, sterilization, and regular maintenance, which can be time-consuming and costly. Single use intubation stylet eliminate these steps, reducing overall maintenance and associated expenses.