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Single use Laryngoscope Combos Macintosh - Single Patient Use - Non-Sterile

Single use Laryngoscope Combos Macintosh - Single Patient Use - Non-Sterile


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Product Description

Single Use Laryngoscope Combos Macintosh

Experience the ease and reliability of our single use laryngoscope combos, specifically designed with the Macintosh blade. Say goodbye to cross-contamination concerns and hello to efficiency.

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective option for single use laryngoscope combos. Our Anesthesia laryngoscope combos Macintosh model offers convenience and peace of mind with its disposable design.

Features of Single Use Laryngoscope Combos:


  • Now get both a single patient use conventional blade and a handle in a single/ready to use combo package. Single Use Laryngoscope Combos Macintosh incorporate the same metal flaps as our disposable and reusable blades, hence ensuring same great feel and outcomes as expected from their counter parts.
  • Equipped with high power LEDs, these blades provide better illumination as compared to conventional halogen lighted bulbs.
  • Our Single Use Laryngoscope Combos Macintosh are color marked separately as per figures below

         Anesthesia Laryngoscope Combos: 

  •  Anesthesia Laryngoscope Combos Macintosh refers to a set of laryngoscope blades and handles used for intubation and visualization of the larynx during anesthesia procedures. The Macintosh Disposable laryngoscope Combos is one of the most commonly used types of laryngoscopes. It consists of a curved blade that is inserted into the patient’s mouth to lift the tongue and provide a clear view of the vocal cords.The “Macintosh Metal Handle” typically refers to the handle component of the laryngoscope. It is made of metal and provides a sturdy grip for the laryngoscope blade. The metal handle is designed to accommodate the Macintosh blade and allow for proper insertion and manipulation during intubation.When purchasing a Single Use Laryngoscope Combos with a Macintosh metal handle, you will typically receive both the handle and a selection of Macintosh laryngoscope blades. The blades are available in various sizes to accommodate patients of different age groups and anatomical variations.