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Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit 4/0 - Pack of 12

Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit 4/0 - Pack of 12


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Product Description

Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit 4/0 an excellent choice for medical students and exam practice, providing a balance of realism, affordability, and versatility for hands-on learning and skill development in various surgical procedures.

Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit Features:

1. NATURAL MATERIAL: Silk braided sutures are crafted from natural silk fibers, offering a unique tactile sensation and a closer approximation to real surgical experiences.

2. SOFT AND PLIABLE: Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit are soft and pliable, facilitating easy handling and knot tying, which is beneficial for beginners learning suturing techniques.

3. EXCELLENT KNOT SECURITY: The braided nature of silk sutures enhances knot security, ensuring reliable wound closure and reducing the risk of postoperative complications.

4. MINIMAL TISSUE REACTION: Silk is biocompatible and produces minimal tissue reaction, making it suitable for use in sensitive areas and reducing patient discomfort.

5. GOOD HANDLING CHARACTERISTICS: Silk braided sutures offer good handling characteristics, allowing for precise manipulation during suturing practice and surgical simulation.

6. VERSATILITY: Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit are suitable for a wide range of procedures, including skin closures, soft tissue approximation, and ophthalmic surgeries, providing versatility in educational settings.

7. COST-EFFECTIVE: Silk sutures are cost-effective compared to some synthetic alternatives, making them accessible for educational purposes and exam practice.

8. STERILE PACKAGING: Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit are packaged in sterile, single-use packets, ensuring hygiene and safety during practice sessions.

9. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Silk has been used in surgical sutures for centuries, offering medical students a connection to the historical evolution of surgical techniques and materials.

Why Choose Our Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit?

Our Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit is trusted by medical professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike for its reliability and ease of use. Whether you’re performing a minor procedure or need to include sutures in your emergency preparedness kit, our suture threads provide the strength and safety you need.