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Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit 3/0 - Pack of 12

Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit 3/0 - Pack of 12


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Product Description

Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit 3/0 an excellent choice for medical students and exam practice, providing a balance of realism, affordability, and versatility for hands-on learning and skill development in various surgical procedures.

Features of Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit:

1. NATURAL MATERIAL: Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit are crafted from natural silk fibers, offering a unique tactile sensation and a closer approximation to real surgical experiences.

2. SOFT AND PLIABLE: Silk sutures are soft and pliable, facilitating easy handling and knot tying, which is beneficial for beginners learning suturing techniques.

3. EXCELLENT KNOT SECURITY: The braided nature of silk sutures enhances knot security, ensuring reliable wound closure and reducing the risk of postoperative complications.

4. MINIMAL TISSUE REACTION: Silk is biocompatible and produces minimal tissue reaction, making it suitable for use in sensitive areas and reducing patient discomfort.

5. GOOD HANDLING CHARACTERISTICS: Silk braided sutures offer good handling characteristics, allowing for precise manipulation during suturing practice and surgical simulation.

6. VERSATILITY: Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit are suitable for a wide range of procedures, including skin closures, soft tissue approximation, and ophthalmic surgeries, providing versatility in educational settings.

7. COST-EFFECTIVE: Silk sutures are cost-effective compared to some synthetic alternatives, making them accessible for educational purposes and exam practice.

8. STERILE PACKAGING: Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit are packaged in sterile, single-use packets, ensuring hygiene and safety during practice sessions.

9. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Silk has been used in surgical sutures for centuries, offering medical students a connection to the historical evolution of surgical techniques and materials.

Silk Braided Suture Thread Kit Includes:

  • Multiple silk braided suture threads in various lengths and diameters
  • Comprehensive user guide for safe and effective use
  • Sterile packaging to maintain hygiene standards