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Sichel Wilder Lachrymal Dilator, 0.70 mm, overall length 7.5 cm Fig. 1

Sichel Wilder Lachrymal Dilator, 0.70 mm, overall length 7.5 cm Fig. 1


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Product Description

Introduction Sichel-Wilder Lachrymal Dilator

Sichel wilder lachrymal dilator Heavy Taper is used in oculoplastic procedures. Sichel Wilder Lacrimal Dilator designed to restore normal tear flow in an injured lacrimal draining system.

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Are you among the many individuals who struggle with eye discomfort caused by either dryness or excessive tearing If so, the Sichel Wilder Lachrymal Dilator may be the solution you’ve been searching for. In this article, we will delve into what the Wilder Lachrymal Dilator is, how it works, and how it can help you achieve optimal eye comfort.

What is the Sichel Wilder Lachrymal Dilator

The Sichel Wilder Lachrymal Dilator is a medical device designed to address issues related to the lachrymal (tear) system in the eyes. This system plays a critical role in maintaining eye health and comfort. Whether your eyes are too dry or excessively watery, the Wilder Lachrymal Dilators can help restore balance.

How Does It Work Sichel Wilder Lachrymal Dilator

The Sichel Wilder Lachrymal Dilator functions by gently dilating the lachrymal canaliculi, the tiny channels responsible for draining tears away from your eyes. By improving the drainage process, it can alleviate symptoms associated with both dry eyes and excessive tearing. This innovative device is minimally invasive and offers a simple, effective solution.

Our ophthalmic instrument sets offer a comprehensive selection of essential tools, meticulously curated to meet the unique requirements of ophthalmic surgeries. Each Sichel Wilder Lachrymal Dilator instrument in our collection reflects our commitment to providing high-quality, reliable instruments that enhance surgical outcomes.

  • Wilder Lachrymal Dilators: Your path to balanced tear production and enhanced eye comfort.
  • Discover the innovative solution of Sichel Wilder Lachrymal Dilator to alleviate eye watering issues

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