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Nylon Suture Thread Kit 4/0 - Pack of 12

Nylon Suture Thread Kit 4/0 - Pack of 12


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Product Description

Nylon Suture Thread Kit an ideal choice for medical students and those practicing for exams, as they mimic the characteristics of sutures commonly used in clinical practice and provide an opportunity for hands-on learning and skill development.
  • Packaging Condition: Individual Sterile Packs
  • Quality: Non Absorbable, High Strength, Minimal Tissue Reactivity
  • Model: Nylon Monofilament 4/0 (1.5 Metric)
  • Needle Type: 3/8 Circle Reverse Cutting

Features of Nylon Suture Thread Kit :

1. HIGH STRENGTH: Nylon Suture Thread Kit offer excellent tensile strength, ensuring reliable wound closure even in high-tension areas.

2. FLEXIBILITY: The flexibility of nylon monofilament sutures allows for easy handling and knot tying, making them suitable for various surgical techniques.

3. MINIMAL TISSUE REACTION: Nylon is inert and produces minimal tissue reaction, reducing the risk of inflammation or foreign body response in patients.

4. SMOOTH SURFACE: The smooth surface of nylon monofilament sutures reduces tissue trauma during insertion and removal, promoting faster healing and reducing patient discomfort.

5. UNIFORM DIAMETER: Consistent diameter throughout the length of the suture ensures uniform knot security and tissue approximation.

6. EXCELLENT KNOT SECURITY: Nylon Suture Thread Kit provide reliable knot security, minimizing the risk of postoperative wound dehiscence or suture failure.

7. VERSATILITY: Nylon sutures are suitable for a wide range of surgical procedures, including general surgery, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, and ophthalmology.

8. COST-EFFECTIVE: Nylon sutures are cost-effective compared to other suture materials, making them a practical choice for medical students and exam practice.

9. STERILE PACKAGING: Nylon Suture Thread Kit are typically packaged in sterile, single-use packets, ensuring sterility and reducing the risk of surgical site infections.

Professional Nylon Suture Thread Kit

Enhance your medical and emergency preparedness with our Professional Nylon Suture Thread Kit. Designed for both professional healthcare providers and first responders, this kit includes high-quality nylon sutures that ensure durability and precision in every stitch. The sterile, non-absorbable sutures offer exceptional tensile strength, reducing the risk of wound reopening. Perfect for medical students, practicing surgeons, and emergency kits.