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Laparoscopic Hook Spatula L - 33cm

Laparoscopic Hook Spatula L - 33cm


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Product Description

The Laparoscopic Hook Spatula L is a versatile surgical instrument designed for laparoscopic procedures. Its spatula design, L hook shape, and 33cm length make it suitable for precise tissue manipulation. The black insulation coating enhances visibility, while the autoclavable and sterilizable features ensure safety and durability. Crafted from German grade stainless steel, this instrument is a valuable addition to any surgical toolkit.

Features of Laparoscopic Hook Spatula L Instruments:

Spatula Design: The Laparoscopic Hook Spatula L design of this instrument is optimized for precise maneuvering during laparoscopic procedures. It allows surgeons to gently lift and manipulate tissues without causing damage.

L Hook Shape: The L hook shape is specifically designed for tissue manipulation and dissection. It provides a secure grip on tissues, making it easier to perform delicate surgical tasks.

33cm Length: With a length of 33cm, this instrument provides adequate reach within the surgical field. Surgeons can access deep or hard-to-reach areas during laparoscopic surgeries.

Reusable: Being reusable, this instrument is both economical and environmentally friendly. After proper sterilization, it can be used in multiple procedures, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Black Insulation: The black insulation coating on the instrument reduces glare and improves visibility. This feature enhances safety by minimizing reflections and allowing better visualization of the surgical site.

Autoclavable: The Laparoscopic Hook Spatula L is designed to withstand high-temperature autoclave sterilization. Autoclaving ensures thorough disinfection, making it suitable for use in sterile surgical environments.

German Grade Stainless Steel: Crafted from high-quality German grade stainless steel, this instrument is durable, corrosion-resistant, and maintains its sharpness over time. Surgeons can rely on its consistent performance.

Sterilisable: Meeting stringent sterilization standards, this instrument can be safely used in surgical procedures. Its sterilisability ensures patient safety and compliance with hygiene protocols.