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Laparoscopic Aspiration Needle 5mm

Laparoscopic Aspiration Needle 5mm


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Product Description

The Laparoscopic Aspiration Needle is expertly designed for the simple and safe aspiration of fluids from cysts and organs. Its 5mm diameter shaft is ideal for various laparoscopic procedures, enabling efficient fluid aspiration and sample collection from the abdominal cavity and organs.

Laparoscopic Aspiration Needle Key Features:

1. Safe and Simple Aspiration:
Designed for the efficient and safe aspiration of fluids from cysts and organs, ensuring reliable performance in laparoscopic procedures.

2. Versatile Use:
Suitable for a variety of laparoscopic procedures, this Laparoscopic Aspiration Needle can be used to aspirate fluid or take samples from the abdominal cavity or organs.

3. Reusable:
Reusable ensuring high standards of hygiene and efficiency.

4. Re-Sterile:
The Laparoscopic Aspiration Needle is re-sterile, ensuring patient safety and reducing the risk of contamination.

5. 5mm Diameter Shaft:
The 5mm diameter shaft provides the perfect balance between accessibility and precision, ideal for minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures.


  • Product Type: Laparoscopic Aspiration Needle
  • Diameter: 5mm
  • Use: Reusable 
  • Sterility: Re-Sterile
  • Applications: Fluid aspiration and sample collection from the abdominal cavity or organs
  • Safety: Designed for safe and simple use in a variety of laparoscopic procedures

Why Choose Our Laparoscopic Aspiration Needle?

  • Efficient Fluid Aspiration: Achieve quick and safe fluid aspiration with our precisely designed needle.
  • Versatile and Reliable: Perfect for various laparoscopic procedures, providing consistent and reliable performance.
  • Hygienic and Safe: Opt for sterile, single-use needles to ensure the highest standards of patient safety and hygiene.

Upgrade your surgical toolkit with our Laparoscopic Aspiration Needle – the optimal choice for precision, safety, and efficiency in fluid aspiration during laparoscopic procedures.