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Halsted-Mosquito Hemostatic Forceps - 12cm Straight

Halsted-Mosquito Hemostatic Forceps - 12cm Straight


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Product Description

Discover the superior precision and control of Halsted-Mosquito Hemostatic Forceps 12cm Straight, essential instruments for achieving meticulous hemostasis in surgical procedures. Renowned for their slender, fine-tipped design, these forceps are indispensable for managing bleeding with utmost precision in delicate anatomical structures.

Key Features

Fine-Tipped Design for Precision
The Halsted-Mosquito forceps feature a slender, fine-tipped design that allows precise control over bleeding. This design ensures effective clamping without causing unnecessary tissue trauma, vital for delicate surgeries.

Durable Stainless Steel Construction
Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these forceps are durable and reliable. They withstand sterilization and repeated use in various medical settings, maintaining their performance over time.

Straight 12cm Length for Secure Handling
With a straight 12cm length, these forceps provide healthcare professionals with secure handling capabilities. This length is ideal for reaching and manipulating tissues and vessels with ease and confidence.

Enhanced Grip with Fine Serrations
The jaws of the Halsted-Mosquito forceps are equipped with fine serrations, ensuring a firm grip on tissues and vessels. This feature enhances control and maneuverability, contributing to efficient hemostasis during surgeries.

Versatile Applications in Medical Practice
Suitable for a wide range of specialties including general surgery and veterinary practice, these forceps excel in providing superior precision and hemostatic control. They are essential tools for healthcare professionals striving for optimal surgical outcomes.


  • Superior Precision: Fine-tipped design for precise control of bleeding.
  • Durable and Reliable: High-quality stainless steel construction ensures longevity.
  • Secure Handling: Straight 12cm length provides confidence in tissue manipulation.
  • Efficient Hemostasis: Fine serrations on jaws ensure a firm grip for effective control.


Halsted-Mosquito Hemostatic Forceps 12cm Straight are indispensable tools in surgical settings where precision and reliability are paramount. They elevate surgical capabilities and contribute to successful patient outcomes across diverse medical disciplines.


Elevate your surgical practice with the precision and reliability of Halsted-Mosquito Hemostatic Forceps 12cm Straight. These instruments are crafted to meet the highest standards of modern healthcare, ensuring exceptional performance in every procedure.