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Complete Practice Student Suture Kits for Medical Students Training Kits

Complete Practice Student Suture Kits for Medical Students Training Kits


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Product Description

what’s included in Complete Student Suture Kits

Get hands-on experience with our complete student suture kits for medical students. Designed specifically for medical students, these student suture kits include everything you need to practice suturing techniques.

    1. Mosquito Forceps Curved
    2. Needle Holder 14cm
    3. Adson Forceps Serrated
    4. Iris Scissors Straight 11cm
    5. Scalpel Handle No.3
    6. Adson Forceps1x2 Teeth
    7. 5xScalpel Blade No. 11
    8. 3 x Nylon Suture
    9. 3 x Silk Suture
    10. Suture Pad

ALL YOU NEED IN ONE Complete Student Suture Kits SET –

The key to becoming a successful medical specialist – is to practice with the right Student practice tools! Our student Suture Kits for medical students contains all needed & most popular tools among medical professionals. NeoProMedical is a well-known high-grade company that has provided quality Student practice tools and supplies for medical students for more than 5 years. Through our medical student suture kits, thousands of students became professional doctors.


Although simulation isn’t the actual practice, you can be as close as possible to real life-like situations with our student suture kit. Silicon pad in our medical students kits is very realistic & feels like real skin. Silicone pad included in surgical suture kit represents 3 different layers of skin (hypodermis, dermis, and epidermis, or in other words skin, fat & muscles)


Practice the variety of suture knots and techniques with the student complete suture kit. A medical student suture kit is perfect for practicing emergency suturing & learning how to deal with different wounds. Become the top medical student with a suture learning kit by NeoProMedical. complete student Suture kit for medical students includes – Precut quality skin simulation silicone model with wounds of various shapes (14 wounds), reusable 2 types of suture threads + needles (6 pcs)


Practice complete student Suture Kits is an ideal kit for medical students; for teaching & training purposes. Portable but big enough, the suture training kit gives you the best practice opportunities. Use surgical practice suture kit with instruments and sutures for exam and study suturing demonstrations, practice before emergency situations. Surgery practice student suture kit is not intended for use on humans or animals.


Our goal is to provide you with a practice complete student suture kits for medical students of the highest quality & lowest cost possible. We are sure that you will find your  complete student Suture Kit purchase valuable & useful and you are always welcome to explore more of our products.