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Braunstein Marker, 3.0 / 3.5mm, overall length 7 cm

Braunstein Marker, 3.0 / 3.5mm, overall length 7 cm


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Product Description

Get Your Braunstein Marker Today

Experience the difference that precision and quality can make with the Braunstein Marker. Whether for professional use or personal projects, this versatile tool will elevate your work to new heights.

The Braunstein Marker Kelly Descemet’s Membrane Punch offers a broad range of benefits during surgeries that treat glaucoma. Its principal use is to cut round holes in the desired tissue without damaging nearby structures. For this purpose, the instrument features a small tip supplied with a plunger-action mechanism.

Enhance your ophthalmic practice with our exceptional range of precision-crafted ophthalmic instruments. At Stellmacher Instruments Inc, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality Braunstein Marker instruments that meet the demands of ophthalmologists, surgeons, and eye care professionals.

Braunstein Marker of Features That Stand Out

High-Quality Ink

The Braunstein Marker uses premium ink that is both fade-resistant and waterproof. This ensures that your work remains vibrant and intact over time, even under challenging conditions.

Versatile Tip Options

Available in a range of tip sizes, the Braunstein Marker caters to all your marking needs. Choose from ultra-fine, fine, medium, and broad tips to suit your specific requirements.

Easy Refill System

Say goodbye to disposable markers! The Braunstein Marker features an easy refill system, making it an eco-friendly choice that saves you money in the long run.

Our ophthalmic instrument sets offer a comprehensive selection of essential tools, meticulously curated to meet the unique requirements of ophthalmic surgeries. Each braunstein marker instrument in our collection reflects our commitment to providing high-quality, reliable instruments that enhance surgical outcomes.

As a trusted ophthalmic instrument manufacturer, supplier, and distributor, we strive to deliver instruments of the highest quality while maintaining affordability. Explore our extensive ophthalmic caliper catalog and discover the professionalism, reliability, and precision our ophthalmic instruments offer.