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17 Pcs Liposuction cannulas sets

17 Pcs Liposuction cannulas sets


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Product Description

Welcome to our website, your ultimate destination for top-quality Liposuction Cannulas Sets! If you’re a medical professional or a facility looking for reliable and efficient liposuction instruments, you’ve come to the right place.

Liposuction cannulas sets includes:

  • 1 central hole, 2 lateral holes, dia 4 mm, 30 cm

  • 1 central hole, 2 lateral holes, dia 4 mm, 20 cm

  • 2 lateral holes 1 centralhole, dia 4 mm, 30 cm

  • 2 lateral holes, 1 central hole, dia 6 mm, 30 cm

  • 2 lateral holes, 1 central hole, dia 4 mm, 20 cm

  • 3 holes diagonal, dia 5 mm, 30 cm

  • 3 holes diagonal, dia 4 mm, 30 cm

  • 2 central holes, dia 3 mm, 15 cm

  • 22 holes, dia 4 mm, 20 cm

  • Liposuction cannula handle, 13 cm

  • 3 lateral holes, dia 4 mm, 30 cm

  • 1 central hole, dia 3 mm, 15 cm

  • Fork shape, dia 4 mm, 20 cm

  • 18 holes, dia 3 mm, 20 cm

  • 10 holes, dia 3 mm, 15 cm

  • Luer lock adaptor, 5 cm

  • 8 holes, dia 2 mm, 15 cm

Why Choose Our Liposuction Cannulas Sets:

we take pride in offering a comprehensive and cutting-edge liposuction cannulas sets that caters to the diverse needs of our esteemed customers. Here are some compelling reasons to choose our products:

Premium Quality:

Our Liposuction cannulas sets are crafted from the finest materials, ensuring durability and precision in every procedure. They are designed to provide excellent performance and meet the highest medical standards.

Wide Range of Options:

We understand that different procedures require different instruments. That’s why we offer a wide range of Liposuction cannulas with varying lengths, diameters, and tip designs, allowing you to select the perfect tool for each patient and surgical technique.

Exceptional Performance:

Our liposuction cannulas are engineered to deliver outstanding performance, ensuring smooth and efficient fat removal while minimizing trauma to the surrounding tissues.

Ergonomic Design:

Comfort and control are crucial during surgical procedures. Our cannulas feature ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue and enhancing overall maneuverability.

Sterility Assurance:

Patient safety is our priority. All our cannulas are sterilized to meet the strictest industry standards, reducing the risk of infection and post-operative complications.


We believe that quality should never be compromise due to cost. Our Liposuction cannulas sets is competitively price, allowing you to acquire top-tier instruments without breaking the bank.

Our extensive collection of liposuction cannulas includes:

Infiltration Cannulas:

Designed for controlled infiltration of tumescent anesthesia, facilitating smoother and more precise fat extraction.

Aspiration Cannulas:

Ideal for removing the emulsified fat and achieving the desired body contour with minimal scarring.

Specialty Cannulas:

We offer specialized Liposuction cannulas for various areas of the body so, including small areas like the face and delicate regions.

Power-Assisted Cannulas:

Engineered for high-volume fat removal with reduced surgeon fatigue, enhancing the overall liposuction experience.


With smaller diameters, these Liposuction cannulas are perfect for precise so, delicate procedures and enhanced patient comfort.