Student Anatomy Kits


  • A Basic Kit For Anatomy Students
  • Contains 11 pieces
  • Enhanced Durability
  • The pack includes high-quality stainless steel instruments that are finely polished for optimal performance
  • Safest and most hygienic choice
  • Free zipper case


What is included in Student anatomy kits?

  • Mosquito Hemostat Forceps 5? Curved
  • Iris Scissors 4.5? Straight
  • Teasing Needle Straight
  • Teasing Needle Bent Curved
  • Tissue Dissecting Forceps 1×2 Teeth 4? Straight
  • Dissecting Forceps Serrated 4? Curved
  • Thumb Dressing Forceps Serrated 5.5? Straight
  • Double Ended Probe
  • Kelly Hemostat Forceps 5.5? Straight
  • Stainless Steel Scalpel Handle #4
  • 10 Scalpel Blades #20

Student Anatomy Kits, a comprehensive set of high-quality instruments tailored specifically for students studying human anatomy. This kit provides essential tools for anatomical exploration, dissection, and examination. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these instruments are made from premium-grade materials to ensure reliable performance.

The Student Anatomy Kits includes the following instruments:

Mosquito Hemostat Forceps 5″ Curved:

These curved forceps are ideal for clamping and securing blood vessels or delicate tissues during dissection. They provide a firm grip and precise control.

Iris Scissors 4.5″ Straight:

The straight iris scissors are specifically designed for precise cutting of delicate tissues and structures during anatomical studies. They offer excellent control and maneuverability.

Teasing Needle Straight:

This straight needle is used for teasing and manipulation of tissues during anatomical examinations or dissections. It allows for detailed exploration and precise handling of anatomical structures.

Teasing Needle Bent Curved:

The bent curved teasing needle provides enhanced accessibility and maneuverability during anatomical examinations and dissections. It facilitates delicate teasing and manipulation of tissues and structures.

Tissue Dissecting Forceps 1×2 Teeth 4″ Straight:

These straight forceps with 1×2 teeth are designed for secure handling and manipulation of tissues during anatomical dissection. They provide a reliable grip and precise control.

Dissecting Forceps Serrated 4″ Curved:

The curved dissecting forceps with serrated jaws enable precise grasping and manipulation of tissues and structures during anatomical dissection. They offer enhanced visibility and control.

Thumb Dressing Forceps Serrated 5.5″ Straight:

These straight forceps with serrated jaws are versatile instruments used for grasping and holding tissues, sutures, or other materials during anatomical examinations or procedures. They provide a secure grip and precise control.

Double Ended Probe:

The double-ended probe is a versatile tool used for probing and exploring anatomical structures. Each end is design for specific applications, allowing for detailed examinations and investigations.

Kelly Hemostat Forceps 5.5″ Straight:

The straight Kelly hemostat forceps are commonly used in anatomy studies for clamping and controlling blood flow or securing tissues during dissection. They provide a reliable grip and precise control.

Stainless Steel Scalpel Handle #4:

The scalpel handle #4 is compatible with the included scalpel blades, providing a secure grip for controlled and accurate incisions during anatomical studies.

10 Scalpel Blades #20:

The kit includes ten sterile #20 scalpel blades, ensuring a reliable cutting edge for accurate incisions during anatomical dissection and examination.

The Student Anatomy Kits is an essential toolset for students studying human anatomy, providing them with the necessary instruments to explore and understand the complexities of the human body. Each instrument in the kit is carefully select to meet the specific needs of anatomical studies, offering precision, reliability, and control. Invest in this comprehensive kit today and equip yourself with the essential tools for your anatomical education and research endeavors.


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