McCabe Facial Nerve Dissector- Curved Smooth Jaws- Overall Length 14cm


Overall Length = 14cm



McCabe Facial Nerve Dissector-Curved Smooth Jaws

The McCabe Facial Nerve Dissector is a specialized surgical instrument meticulously engineered to facilitate the delicate and intricate dissection of the facial nerve. Crafted with the utmost precision and care, this instrument is an indispensable tool for surgeons, particularly in the fields of otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery, where preserving the facial nerve’s function is paramount.

Stellmacher’s McCabe Facial Nerve Dissector features a finely crafted design that allows for exceptional control and accuracy during nerve dissection. Its slender, curved tip provides access to even the most challenging anatomical areas while minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding tissues.

Key Features of the McCabe Facial Nerve Dissector

  1. Delicate Precision: The McCabe Facial Nerve Dissector is designed to allow surgeons to work with the utmost precision. Its slender, curved tips enable controlled dissection and manipulation of tissues surrounding the facial nerve.
  2. Ergonomic Design: The instrument’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, minimizing hand fatigue during extended surgeries. This feature is invaluable for maintaining surgeon dexterity throughout the procedure.
  3. Reduced Tissue Trauma: The dissection process can be traumatic to the surrounding tissues if not performed carefully. The McCabe Facial Nerve Dissector is meticulously engineered to minimize tissue trauma, ensuring a higher rate of postoperative recovery.
  4. Optimal Visualization: The slender tips of the dissector provide clear visibility during surgery. This is vital for surgeons to accurately identify the facial nerve and surrounding structures.
  5. Versatile Application: While primarily designed for facial nerve surgery, the McCabe Facial Nerve Dissector has found applications in other delicate procedures, demonstrating its versatility in the world of surgical instrumentation.
Benefits of the McCabe Facial Nerve Dissector
  1. Enhanced Safety: One of the most significant advantages of using this dissector is the increased safety it offers during facial nerve surgery. The precise manipulation of tissues allows surgeons to minimize the risk of damaging the facial nerve or nearby structures.
  2. Improved Outcomes: By reducing tissue trauma and offering better visualization, the McCabe Facial Nerve Dissectors contributes to improved surgical outcomes. Patients can expect a quicker recovery and minimal postoperative complications.
  3. Surgeon Confidence: Surgeons who use this specialized instrument can perform their work with enhanced confidence. The knowledge that they have a tool designed to support their surgical skills contributes to a positive surgical experience for both the surgeon and the patient.


The McCabe Facial Nerve Dissector represents a breakthrough in the field of facial nerve surgery. Its precision, ergonomic design, and versatility have made it an invaluable instrument for surgeons around the world. Dr. Kevin McCabe’s dedication to improving surgical techniques has resulted in a tool that enhances safety, improves outcomes, and boosts surgeon confidence. As the medical field continues to advance, the McCabe Facial Nerve Dissectors stands as a testament to the importance of specialized instruments in ensuring the success of delicate surgical procedures


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